How to Choose the Best Environmentally-Friendly Office Cleaning Products

You have a few choices if you want to clean your office with environmentally friendly products used by cleaning services upstate New York. If you’re looking for a general-purpose cleaner, you can use Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner. For carpets and upholstery, try EnviroCare carpet and upholstery cleaner. If you want to disinfect surfaces, use EarthHero disinfectant wipes.

Biokleen all-purpose cleaner

Biokleen is a popular all-purpose cleaner among cleaning services Upstate New York that uses plant-based cleaners, not harmful chemicals. The company’s products are free from chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, and other toxic substances, including alcohol and butyl. Other ingredients include fragrance and essential oils. However, some people are allergic to essential oils, so they should avoid using Biokleen’s all-purpose cleaner.

Eco Concepts products are made with at least 90% natural, plant-based ingredients and are biodegradable. They are cruelty-free, do not contain phosphates or ammonia, and are packaged in recyclable materials. Their product line includes multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and dish soap. The company also produces soaps and air fresheners that are safe for pets and children.

Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner

If you are looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning services Upstate New York, it is essential to find one certified by an independent third party. It would help if you looked for products with a GoodGuide rating of 8.1 and a Green Business Program certification. The original green cleaning certification is the Green Seal, which assesses the entire lifecycle of a cleaning product and meets international standards. Another crucial green cleaning certification is the Ecologo, issued by Underwriters Laboratories, a company with more than 100 years of experience developing safety standards.

The Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner is made from a biodegradable formula that does not contain harsh chemicals. It is also safe for use around kids and pets. It is also an excellent choice for cleaning hard surfaces. The all-purpose cleaner is highly concentrated and effective against grease and stains. It also contains no fragrances or dyes.

To ensure you purchase an environmentally-friendly office cleaning product, read the ingredient list carefully. Many cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals and ingredients that can harm human health. It is also essential to find a product that is made of 100 percent natural ingredients.

EnviroCare carpet and upholstery cleaner

There are many benefits to using environmentally-friendly office cleaning products, including the fact that they are safer for employees and the environment. This type of product does not contain harmful chemicals and is also better for your carpets and upholstery. It is a highly concentrated solution for carpets and upholstery. The cleaner smells great and leaves your carpets and upholstery clean.

Traditional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals, which build up in the body and cause various problems. Common poisonous substances include ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde. These chemicals harm our health, can cause skin irritation, and damage our lungs. Using eco-friendly products for your office cleaning is the best way to ensure that you provide your employees with a healthy and safe environment.

EarthHero disinfectant wipes

If you want environmentally-friendly office cleaning products that work, you’ve come to the right place. EarthHero is a certified B corporation and carbon-neutral, assuring you of a sustainable company. They also donate a portion of their sales to organizations that promote sustainable living. This company is your one-stop shop for all things green. They make everything from cleaning products to paper towels.